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Pultrusion Profile Manufacturer

Nearly 20 Years Manufacturing Experience

Nanjing Emitech Technology is a professional fiberglass products supplier in China, owning its own factory. It provides customers with various fiberglass (FRP) products and other customized composite material components. The company has been focusing on the export of fiberglass components for many years.

With full experienced, Emitech Composite Materials Company has established its own professional team, including engineers, designers, and QC, to ensure that we can provide not only standard fiberglass pultruded profiles but also design, consult, and produce customized products, or provide solutions for composite materials. In addition, EMITECH can provide technical guidance in the fiberglass industry to customers.

Currently, EMITECH offers standard fiberglass (fiberglass and carbon fiber) profiles, which are widely used in fields such as electric power, landscaping, sewage treatment, cooling tower construction, agriculture, aquaculture, and marine. In addition, we can provide other products such as Pulwinding, SMC/BMC, and hand lay-up products and thermal plastic according to customer requirements. Moreover, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with several manufacturers.

Our product range covers:

  • Manufacturing standard fiberglass pultruded profiles, providing different resin systems according to the on-site environment to meet the application requirements in various environments.
  • FRP window profiles, structural profiles, and building products.
  • Electrical industry products, such as cable trays, cable ladders, crossarms, wire poles, etc.
  • Various diameters of pultruded and wound round tubes.
  • FRP rebar,bolts and nuts.
  • Turnkey solutions in the pultrusion industry.
  • Pultrusion machines and molds with technical guidance significance.

What we provide is not just composite materials; we also provide solutions and designs. In the future, we will offer better products and services to meet customer requirements.

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