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Applications of Pultruded Epoxy Products

In various fields, we can observe the utilization of epoxy resin, a substance characterized by its exceptional rigidity. Primarily, it’s employed in products demanding high mechanical strength and heat resistance. Pultrusion technology necessitates resins with low viscosity for easy impregnation of glass fiber rovings; rapid curing to meet the demands of continuous forming production; good adhesion with minimal shrinkage upon curing. It also requires flexibility to prevent the products from cracking. Epoxy resin pultruded profiles are a crucial type of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, known for their superior strength.

Applications of glass fiber pultruded epoxy resin products:

1) Electrical Engineering: This is the most extensively applied field and a vital direction for development. Examples include transformer air duct positioning rods, high voltage insulator cores, high voltage cable protection tubes, cable racks, insulating ladders, poles, barrier boards, cable distribution frames, motor spare parts, etc.

2) Chemical Corrosion Protection: This is the fastest-growing area in recent years. Typical products include support structures for pipe networks in industries like chemical, oil, paper, and metallurgy; sucker rods, subterranean pressure pipelines, wastewater treatment equipment, factory railings, stairs, and platform railings, grating floors, etc.

3) Construction: Here, the structure is mainly used for lightweight upper structures in high-rise buildings or for special-purpose structures. Examples are mobile house structures, profiles for doors and windows, trusses, lightweight bridges, railings, tents, ceilings, structures, etc.

4) Sports and Recreation: Such as glass fiber fishing rods, hockey sticks, ski poles, pole vaults, bows, etc.

5) Transportation: This includes car racks, truck frames, refrigerated trucks, car ramps, luggage racks, decks, electric train track boards, etc.

6) Energy Sector: Mainly used in solar collectors, wind turbine blades, oil wells, etc.

7) Aerospace Applications: Like airplane and spacecraft antenna insulating tubes, spacecraft motor parts, glass fiber I-beams, channel beams, square beams, glass fiber rods, etc.

Pultruded epoxy resin products exhibit excellent adhesion with carbon and glass fibers and can be processed through a continuous, efficient, and pultrusion-friendly workflow. Compared to other composite material production methods, this approach offers high output, low cost, and quick delivery. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The manufacturing process can be expensive due to the need for costly molds, which must withstand the heat and pressure of the pultrusion process, and the production has strict tolerance and straightness requirements. Generally, these molds are longer than standard polyester molds, with higher requirements for chrome plating at the inlet. Once damaged, pultruded composite materials are difficult to repair and often require the replacement of the entire component, which is costly and time-consuming.

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