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smc mould

Bulk Molding Compound Mould

smc mould product

BMC Mould

BMC molds are used to produce thermoset plastic parts and are suitable for compression molding or injection molding. BMC compression molding is used to produce complex parts such as electrical equipment, automotive components, appliance housings, and large industrial products.

Mold Design Approval

Initial mold drawings must be completed and approved by the mold manufacturer before ordering mold steel.

Steel Selection

The choice of mold steel should be based on the expected production volume and final use requirements. Typically, certified steel forgings with specified composition, vacuum degassing, and hardness are used.

Timing Treatment

After rough machining, the core and cavity must undergo stress relief treatment following the steel manufacturer’s recommended time and temperature.


Precision machining is performed on mold components, and the cavity surface is polished to achieve the required surface finish for the mold parts.

heat treament

The shear edges of the core and cavity should be flame-hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 55-60 C and polished to the edge areas.

mold assembling

After assembly, the mold is subjected to trial molding and fine-tuning to ensure proper filling, venting, and part quality.

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