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Equipment For Pultrusion Process

Equipment For Pultrusion Process

What Is Pultrusion?

Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process used to produce fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products.

This process primarily involves pulling reinforcing fibers (such as fiberglass or carbon fiber) through a resin bath, ensuring the fibers are thoroughly impregnated with resin. The resin-impregnated fibers are then pulled into a mold by a pulling machine, where the resin cures and solidifies. This results in the formation of FRP composite components with a specific cross-sectional shape. The entire pultrusion process is continuous and efficient, capable of producing composite products with consistent cross-sections and good performance.

Typical equipment used in a pultrusion factory includes pultrusion machines (both caterpillar or hydraulic types), cutting machines, roll mat slitter, and resin mixers. Auxiliary equipment includes creel rank, resin baths, etc.

Process Equipment
pultrusion line

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Hydraulic Pultrusion Machinery

Hydraulic pultrusion machinery is a type of equipment driven by hydraulics used for producing composite materials. Its main characteristic is the ability to produce products with complex shapes and large cross-sections. Our largest pulling machine now has a clamping and pulling pressure of up to 100 tons. Moreover, it has a wide speed range, which can meet the requirements of various resin systems. The design of the clamping fixtures and heating system is also quite flexible.

hydraulic pultrusion machinery
caterpillar pultrusion machinery

Caterpillar Pultrusion Machinery

Caterpillar pultrusion machinery is a type of equipment driven by an electric motor, which moves the caterpillar track to produce composite materials. The clamping part generally uses pneumatic clamping, resulting in a clean and tidy production environment. It is typically used to produce small-sized products. Its energy consumption is low, and maintenance is relatively simple. However, changing the fixtures can be troublesome as it requires replacing the entire caterpillar track.

Pultruded Cutter

We generally use diamond saw blades to cut FRP products. The typical online cutting machine can be set to automatically cut the product to the desired length. Nowadays, more and more cutting machines are equipped with automatic dust collection devices, which can ensure a clean workshop and provide a good working environment.

pultruded cutter
roll mat slitter

Roll Mat Slitter

Roll mat slitting machines are specialized equipment used to cut continuous rolls of glass fiber mats or other composite reinforcement materials into narrower widths. They generally use saw, and the cutting width is adjustable. It can be customized based on the length of the mat roll and the diameter of the mandral.

PU Two-component Injection

The polyurethane two-component injection machine is a type of equipment used for producing polyurethane products. It is commonly used in the production of polyurethane windows, cable tray, and solar panel frames. The equipment typically features automatic proportioning, which adjusts according to changes in the pultrusion process. The proportioning range can vary widely, from 1:5. Besides being used for polyurethane resins, this equipment is now also used for some epoxy products.

PU dual component mixer
Resin Mixer

Resin Mixer

General pultrusion processes involve the mixing of resin. For continuous production, explosion-proof motors are typically used, with speed adjustments based on weather conditions and the viscosity of the resin.

Fiberglass Creel Rack

A typical fiberglass creel rack can hold 100 yarn packages and can be moved to the production machine as needed. The tension is adjustable as well.

fiberglass creel rack
carbon creel rack

Carbon Glass Creel Rack

The creel for the carbon fiber pultrusion process generally adopts a matrix structure with adjustable tension to ensure uniform tension throughout the pultrusion process.

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