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Fiberglass Decking
  • Fiberglass Decking used in water plant
  • Fiberglass Decking used in chemical plant
  • Fiberglass Decking used in water plant
  • Fiberglass Decking used in chemical plant

Fiberglass Decking

Fiberglass decking, often referred to as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) decking or FR4 decking, represents a composite material known for its numerous advantages in outdoor settings. This summary outlines its main features and the benefits it brings to various applications.

Features of Fiberglass Decking

  • Robust Mechanical Strength: Exhibits remarkable mechanical strength, ensuring durability and the ability to bear substantial weight.
  • Electrical Insulation: Possesses excellent dielectric properties, making it an insulator and suitable for use in electrical and electronic sectors.
  • Thermal Stability: Demonstrates strong heat resistance, retaining its structure and functionality even under elevated temperatures.
  • Moisture Proof: Offers resistance against moisture, crucial for preventing deterioration in damp conditions.
  • Versatile Fabrication: Easily fabricated into different shapes, it accommodates diverse design requirements.
  • Decorative Flexibility: Available in various colors, including shades of green, and can be finished with materials like cloth or leather for aesthetic purposes.
Fiberglass Decking

fiberglass decking sktech

Item Size AxBxT1xT2(mm)
D250 250x32x5x6 、250x40x5x6
D305 305×6.4×47.5×6.4
D360 360x5x40x4
D500 500×5.0x18.5×6.4 、500×5.0x40x5.0
D600 600x40x5x5
Type frp vinyl deck panel flooring/drainage composite fiberglass deck flooring
Material ECR Glass Fiber + Resin (ORTHO,ISO,VE,PHENOLIC)+Filling (ATH)
Size can be customized (pls check detail as below form)
Color According to RAL Book.Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, etc. can be cutomized
Light Weight /High Strength Low Density (about 1.8), 1/4 of steel ,2/3 of aluminum.Specific strength
Anti-Fire / Safety Good performance of electric insulation,10KV no voltage breakdown. No electro-magnetic behavior. No electric spark. Oxygen index≥32, Anti-fire and Pass test of ASTM-E84.
Anti-Corrosion No rust, resistance to acid, alkali, organic dissolvent and other gas and liquid mixture.
Anti-skid / slip Different process mode on surface, concave, gritted, increase friction factor.
Anti-aging Have more than 20 years effective service life under normal outdoor working condition.
Anti-fatigue Moderate flexibility reduces the workers` pressure on legs and waist
Easy maintenance Have alternative and bright colors. Non-fading. Easily for clean.
Excellent economic benifits Excellent comprehensive economic benefits

Advantages of Fiberglass Decking

  • Longevity: Its robustness and resistance to weathering make it a durable choice for decking projects.
  • Reduced Upkeep: Comparatively low maintenance needs translate to cost and time savings over traditional materials.
  • Corrosion Proof: Ideal for corrosive environments, including coastal regions, due to its inherent resistance to corrosion.
  • Fire Safety: Some variants are treated to be fire retardant, enhancing safety levels.
  • Environmental Resilience: Capable of enduring various environmental stresses without compromising its integrity or form.
  • Safety in Electrical Applications: Its non-conductivity ensures safety in proximity to electrical installations.
  • Ease of Installation: Lighter than conventional materials, facilitating simpler and quicker installation processes.

Applications of Fiberglass Decking

Fiberglass decking finds utility across a broad spectrum of uses, such as:

  • Infrastructure Projects: Utilized in bridges, guardrails, and noise barriers owing to its resilience and environmental tolerance.
  • Utility Sector: Applied in non-conductive components like utility poles and cross arms, where resistance to decay is critical.
  • Construction Industry: Employed in framing and for creating anti-slip surfaces.
  • Cooling Towers: Selected for its structural strength and resistance to corrosion.
  • Outdoor Structures: Ideal for decks, walkways, and similar constructions where lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials are preferred.
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