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Fiberglass Dog Bone

Fiberglass Dog Bone

A fiberglass dog bone refers to a specific profile or form utilized within the manufacturing and construction sectors. Common applications include transformer core winding and serving as insulating supports within high-voltage products, including dry-type transformers, reactors, high-voltage inverter power modules, power capacitors, and disconnectors. Constructed from composite materials, predominantly reinforced by fiberglass, these dog bones exhibit notable mechanical strength, minimal partial discharge, low dielectric loss, as well as superior resistance to high temperatures and aging.

fiberglass dog bone
No Properties Value
1 Density(g/m3) 1.8~2
2 Bibulous rate % 0.03
3 tensile strength MPa 500
4 Bending strength Mpa 600
5 impact strength kJ/cm2 300
6 Surface resistivity Ω (1.9~2.0)*1012
7 Surface resistance voltage KV 12
8 Heat resistant index >=155


Fiberglass dog bones, utilized across manufacturing, construction, and firefighting sectors, present multiple benefits:

  • High Mechanical Strength: These dog bones boast considerable mechanical strength, enhancing their durability and capacity to endure substantial stress and strain.
  • Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding extreme heat, these products are ideal for environments such as transformer core winding or firefighting operations.
  • Aging Resistance: Their resistance to aging ensures that they retain properties and performance over time, even in demanding conditions.
  • Lightweight: Despite their robustness, these dog bones are lightweight, offering an advantage to firefighters by providing strong yet easy-to-manage tools.
  • Visibility in Dark Areas: For firefighting tools, the addition of reflective striping on some fiberglass dog bones aids in locating them in dark conditions, vital during emergencies.
  • Low Partial Discharge and Dielectric Loss: They exhibit low partial discharge and dielectric loss, ensuring efficiency and safety in high-voltage applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: These dog bones resist corrosion from various sources, including sea water, chemicals, oil, gas, heat, UV rays, and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Sustainability: Their production supports eco-friendly industry practices, with composite profiles pushing the industry towards sustainable solutions.
  • Material Recovery: The recovery process for these dog bones allows for the reclamation of the polymer matrix and intact glass fibers, preserving their stiffness and strength.
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