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Fiberglass H Beam
  • Fiberglass H beam
  • Fiberglass H beam collection
  • Fiberglass H beam
  • Fiberglass H beam collection

Fiberglass H Beam

Glass fiber H-beams are structural profiles made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). These beams are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and durability, making them suitable for wide application in challenging environments.

Why We Choice Fiberglass H Beam?

Fiberglass H beams, also known as Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) beams, are engineered from a composite material that combines glass fibers with a thermosetting resin, using a continuous pultrusion technique. These beams are characterized by their dimensional stability, resistance to corrosion, non-conductivity in terms of both heat and electricity, lightness, high strength, and durability.

In comparison to steel, fiberglass beams exhibit superior strength along their length. Their resistance to a wide array of chemicals renders them ideal for use in corrosive environments. Additionally, their non-magnetic nature and transparency to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) make them suitable for applications requiring radio frequency transparency.

Despite their advantageous strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass beams do not match the strength of steel beams, limiting their use in applications requiring very high strength. The production of fiberglass beams is also more expensive, which can make them a less economical choice in some cases.

Fiberglass H beams find application in various fields, serving as structural frames, load bars for grating and trays, supports for stairs, walkways, platforms, and in refrigerated transport vehicles, to name a few. It can be custom-made to meet specific requirements.

Although fiberglass beams may have a higher initial cost compared to steel, they potentially lower overall costs through reduced installation and maintenance needs. Their lighter weight simplifies installation by minimizing the use of heavy lifting equipment, and their corrosion resistance decreases the necessity for regular maintenance.

Fiberglass H Beam

Types Of Pultruded H Beam

H beam

Building application usage

grating Beam

Grating Usage

fiberglass H beam

Type Dimension(mm)
H Beam A  B T1 T2
HB76 76x76x6.4×6.4
HB102A 102x102x6.4×6.4
HB102B 102x102x8.0x8.0
HB152A 152x152x6.4×6.4
HB152B 152x152x9.5×9.5
HB203A 203x203x9.5×9.5
HB203B 203x203x12.7×12.7
HB203C 203x203x6.4×6.4
HB254A 254x254x9.5×9.5
HB254B 254x254x12.7×12.7
HB305 305x305x12.7×12.7

fiberglass I beam

I Beam A  B T1 T2 I Beam A  B T1 T2
IB25 15x25x6.4×4.0 IB76B 76x152x9.5×9.5
IB32 15x32x6.4×4.0 IB102A 102x203x9.5×9.5
IB38A 15x38x4.0x6.4 IB102B 102x203x12.7×12.7
IB38B 30x38x3.0x3.0 IB120 120x240x12x12
IB45A 45x180x12.0x9.0 IB127A 127x254x9.5×9.5
IB45B 45x180x12.7×12.7 IB127B 127x254x12.7×12.7
IB50A 50x102x6.4×6.4 IB127C 127x152x9.5×9.5
IB50B 50x102x8.0x8.0 IB127D 127x152x12.7×12.7
IB60B 60x180x6.4×6.4 IB152A 152x305x9.5×9.5
IB76A 60x180x6.4×6.4 IB152B 152x305x12.7×12.7

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