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Fiberglass Round Tube
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Why We Use Fiberglass Round Tube?

It is a composite material made of fiberglass and resin. This is a new type of pipe material that has many advantages compared to traditional materials such as steel, concrete, and wood. Compared to traditional steel or aluminum pipes, these pipes are lighter and more corrosion-resistant. Due to their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, they are commonly used in special circumstances such as construction and industry. The pipes have different outer diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths.

What Are Application Of Using Fiberglass Round Tubes?

Antenna Housings

Fiberglass pultruded tubes for antennas are made from unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber roving without twists, cured under high temperature and pressure. These products feature high strength, corrosion resistance, and insulation properties. Fiberglass tubes exhibit excellent acid resistance, water resistance, and overall corrosion resistance. Antennas made from fiberglass material overcome the corrosion issues associated with traditional metal material antennas. Particularly in coastal areas, rainy, humid, and acid rain-affected regions, the advantages of fiberglass tube antennas are especially pronounced. Fiberglass tubes can be used in various complex environments and have been widely applied in aerospace, communications, meteorology, and other fields. They are available in omnidirectional (tubular) and directional (plate-like) forms and can be produced in different sizes according to customer requirements. Fiberglass antenna tubes offer numerous benefits including corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, strong electrical insulation, and high wave transparency (with a transparency rate of over 98%), providing effective protection for antennas.

garden tools

Fiberglass round tubes are extensively used in tool manufacturing, often for making tool handles. They possess excellent characteristics such as lightweight yet high strength, aging resistance, and aesthetic appearance, making them suitable for industries like gardening tools, where they can be utilized as handles for gardening equipment. In addition, fiberglass round tubes are also applied in fields such as sports equipment, medical devices, and fence supports. Therefore, as a superior structural and decorative material, fiberglass round tubes play a significant role in the fabrication of various tools.

Railing Systems

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) railing systems are widely applied in the industrial and construction sectors. These systems are typically assembled from durable, prefabricated modular components but can also be custom-designed for specific applications. The railing systems come in various forms, including horizontal or inclined square and round tube railings, as well as specialized picket railing systems. FRP railing systems offer advantages such as high strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance requirements. Therefore, they are extensively used in industrial facilities, architectural structures, stairs, platforms, and pedestrian pathways.

Fiberglass Snow Stakes

Fiberglass snow stakes, also known as driveway markers, are used to delineate driveways, parking lots, and walkways, providing visibility and preventing damage from snow plows. They are typically made from durable fiberglass. The high strength and corrosion resistance of pultruded fiberglass round tubes make them the preferred choice.

Parameter Unit Value
Tensile strength MPa 300
Bending strength MPa 250
Modulus of elasticity GPa 20
Thermal conductivity W/mK 0.3
Parameter Unit Range
Diameter mm 20~300
Length m 1~12 Or Customzied
Wall thickness mm 2~50
Color White, black, green, blue, red or cutomized

Choice The Right Raw Material For your Fiberglass Round Tube

  • Polyester:A versatile series designed for broad applications, employing an advanced isophthalic polyester resin system, which is specifically enhanced with a UV inhibitor to ensure superior resistance against ultraviolet radiation. This combination not only extends the product’s lifespan but also maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appearance under prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • VINYL ESTER:A superior-grade series that offers enhanced safety and durability, integrating both fire-retardant capabilities and outstanding corrosion resistance. This is achieved through the use of a sophisticated vinyl ester resin system, which is further augmented with a UV inhibitor to protect against ultraviolet radiation damage. This combination ensures long-term performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for challenging environments where both fire safety and resistance to corrosive elements are paramount.
  • FIRE RETARDANT:A multi-functional series crafted using a fire-retardant isophthalic polyester resin system, further enhanced with a UV inhibitor for added protection. This combination not only provides robust resistance against fire hazards but also ensures long-lasting durability by preventing degradation from ultraviolet light exposure. It’s an ideal solution for applications requiring both safety and longevity in environments exposed to sunlight and fire risks.
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