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Fiberglass Square Rod
  • pultruded rod
  • pultruded rod

Fiberglass Square Rod

Glass fiber square rods are made from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), a composite material formed by combining glass fibers with resin through the pultrusion process. This manufacturing technique aligns all fibers along the length of the square rod, thereby enhancing the strength and durability of the rod in bending and tensile applications.

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More Size Available
A(mm) B(mm)
20 20
25 25
30 30
32 32
38 38
44 44

Why We Choice Fiberglass Square Rod?

Fiberglass square rods possess unique properties such as high strength, lightweight, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, and non-conductivity, making them a widely used material. Here are some specific applications of fiberglass square rods:

  1. Industrial Applications: They are used in industrial settings to manufacture railings, fix ladders, and floor gratings. Their strength allows them to safely support weights, and their non-conductive properties make them safer for use in electrical systems.
  2. Structural: Fiberglass square rods can be used as supporting beams and columns in bridge construction, especially in remote areas where their lightweight nature facilitates transportation. They are also used for bridge or road reinforcement and as structural supports in various construction materials.
  3. Corrosive Environments: Due to their corrosion resistance, fiberglass square rods are suitable for environments where steel and other materials would degrade, such as cooling towers, chemical plants, or coastal areas.
  4. Recreation and Sports Equipment: They are used to make sports equipment, such as golf clubs, kite frames, and fishing gear accessories.
  5. Utilities and Infrastructure: Fiberglass square rods can be used as flagpoles, lamp posts, sign poles, and tool handles. They are also used for handrails, safety barriers, and guardrails for paths, roads, stairs, and industrial equipment.
  6. Agriculture: In agricultural settings, they can be used as plant stakes, garden stakes, and greenhouse poles.
  7. Electrical Applications: Their insulating properties make them suitable for electrical switch applications and electrical insulation.
  8. Transportation: Due to their lightweight and durability, they are used to manufacture automotive components, such as car antennas.
  9. Consumer Goods: Fiberglass square rods can be used in everyday items such as curtain rods, canopy poles, tent poles, and umbrella frames.

These applications leverage the material’s corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, and strength-to-weight ratio. Fiberglass square rods also have the advantages of being easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, available in various colors.

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