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Fiberglass Stair Trends
Fiberglass Stair Trends
  • Fiberglass Stair Trends
  • Fiberglass Stair Trends

Fiberglass Stair Trends

Fiberglass stair treads represent a contemporary choice for both industrial and commercial settings, providing numerous advantages over conventional materials such as wood, steel, or concrete.

Stair Nosing LengthxWidthxthickness Stair Nosing LengthxWidthxthickness
SN25A 25x60x3.0 SN55B 55x70x3.2(87°)
SN25B 25x50x3.0(75°) SN30A-R 30x100x3.2
SN25C 25x50x3.2(90°) SN30B-R 30x230x3.2
SN25D 25x50x4.0(90°) SN30A-S 30x100x3.2
SN25E 25x100x3.2(87°) SN30B-S 30x152x3.2
SN30A 30x70x4.0(90°) SN30C-S 30x230x3.2
SN30B 30x70x3.2(90°) SN30D-S 30x381x3.2(87°)
SN30C 30x76x3.0 SN55A-S 55x300x4.0(90°)
SN30D 30x76x4.0 SN55B-S 55x345x4.0(87°)
SN50 50x90x3.2 SN55C-S 55x400x3.2
SN55A 55x55x3.2(87°)

Durability and Longevity

These stair treads are recognized for their enduring durability and extended lifespan, even under severe environmental conditions. They are resistant to damage, preserving their structural integrity over time, which mitigates the risk of safety issues due to wear or breakage.

Anti-Slip Resistance

Given the importance of safety in stairway design, fiberglass stair treads are engineered with superior anti-slip properties. This characteristic is essential for reducing the likelihood of falls, especially in locations susceptible to moisture or liquid spills.

Corrosion Resistance

Fiberglass’s inherent resistance to corrosion makes it an optimal choice for areas exposed to chemicals, saltwater, and other corrosive agents. This quality prolongs the service life of the stair treads and diminishes the need for frequent upkeep.

Low Weight and High Strength

Despite their lightness, fiberglass stair treads are remarkably strong. This balance facilitates ease of installation and transport, while still ensuring they can bear considerable weight.

Chemical Resistance

These stair treads are capable of enduring contact with a broad spectrum of chemicals, rendering them ideal for industrial environments where accidental spills or vapors could compromise other materials.

Electrical Insulation

Fiberglass serves as an excellent electrical insulator, an attribute that can significantly enhance safety in areas where electrical risks are a concern.

Minimal Maintenance

The combination of non-corrosiveness and durability means fiberglass stair treads demand very little maintenance, leading to savings in both time and resources over their lifespan.


Although the upfront cost of fiberglass stair treads might exceed that of some alternatives, their durability, coupled with reduced maintenance demands, tends to offer greater economic value in the long term.

Industry Approvals

Certain fiberglass stair treads are certified with industry-specific standards, such as DNV for maritime applications or EBA for railway use, ensuring adherence to pertinent safety and quality guidelines.

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