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Why Solar Structure Choose Putruded Profile?

Pultruded profiles are chosen for solar panel mounting systems for their durability, requiring minimal maintenance over their 25+ year lifespan. These materials excel in various environments due to their superior corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio, simplifying installation and support for solar panels. Additionally, their non-conductive nature ensures safety in electrical applications, making them an efficient and cost-effective solution for long-term solar installations.


Light weight
Light Weight
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Design Flexibility
Design Flexibility

Solar Panel Top Roof Mounting

The low-profile/low-elevation bracket solution for flat roofs offers significant wind load resistance up to 180 Kmph, thanks to its aerodynamic design and optional wind shields, with minimal installation effort using just nuts and bolts, suitable for non-skilled individuals. This modular, non-invasive approach uses concrete ballasts for stabilization without compromising roof integrity, requiring minimal onsite work. For rooftops with obstacles or needing higher elevation, elevated structures can be implemented, supporting heights up to 1000 mm and resisting wind speeds up to 180kmph, compatible with any module type. Additionally, the maintenance-free design for sloped metal roofs allows for fast installation and high wind resistance, fitting any roof profile or slope without penetrating the roof, ensuring the existing structure’s lifespan is unaffected.

solar Roof mounting
solar pannel Ground mounting

Solar Pannel Ground Mounting

The ground-mounted solar solutions feature both single and double pillar installations, designed for rapid, cost-effective assembly with minimal components, optimized for flexibility and durability against high wind and rain loads. The straightforward production process, specialized assembly lines, and teams ensure ease of installation without the need for terrain leveling, even on uneven ground. Stable and lightweight, these systems are capable of a quick setup, allowing for up to 1 megawatt to be installed daily across all terrains and scalable for various project sizes. Utilizing fiberglass materials for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, our experienced team focuses on system design and optimization to maximize investment returns.

FRP Solar Walkway

frp solar walkway
frp solar walkway in construction

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) solar walkways are an innovative solution designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and durability of solar panel installations, especially on rooftops. These walkways provide a safe and stable path for maintenance personnel, ensuring minimal risk during the inspection, cleaning, and repair of solar panels. With a modular design, they can be easily installed on any rooftop and are adaptable to various solar array layouts without obstructing panels or casting shadows, thus maintaining energy efficiency. Compared to traditional methods, the installation of FRP grating walkways is straightforward, quick, and cost-effective, as they can be directly mounted on the rooftop structure. The ease of installation is due to the lightweight and high strength of the FRP materials, which reduce both installation time and labor costs.

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