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Fiberglass Roof Deck

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Fiberglass is a popular roofing material for terraces, especially when the terrace is installed over living spaces or in regions where maximum climate protection is sought. It is known for its strength, durability, and weather resistance, making it a reliable choice for residential and commercial buildings. Fiberglass roofing panels are corrosion-resistant, rot-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, they can be customized in design, color, and texture to suit aesthetic preferences.

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Property Test Method Units Mean-Value LW/CW
Tensile Strength ASTM D638/GB1447 Mpa 240 / 50
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638/GB1447 Gpa 23 / 7
Flexural Strength ASTM D790/GB1449 Mpa 300 / 100
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790/GB1449 Gpa 18 / 7
Compressive Strength ASTM D695/GB1448 Mpa 240 / 70
Compressive Modulus ASTM D695/GB1448 Gpa 23 / 7.5
Interlaminar Shear(lw) ASTM D2344 Mpa 25
Charpy impact Strength ISO 179/GB1451 KJ/m² 240
Barcol Hardness ASTM D2583 HBa 50
Density ASTM D792 1.9
Flammability Classification UL 94/GB8924 VO(40)
Tunnel Test ASTM E84 25 Max
Water Absorption(MSX.) ASTM D570/GB1462 % 0.57 Max.by weight
LW: lengthwise CW: crosswise

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