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Fiberglass roving rack

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The fiberglass roving rack is used to place fiberglass yarn. It is an indispensable part of the pultrusion process.

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Our fibergalss roving rack is made by welding square tubes, with specifications of 50x30mm. It generally consists of 5 layers, with each layer having a magnetic ring fitted on top to prevent scratching the fiberglass. The rack is divided into 5 layers, with each layer holding approximately 40 bundles of fiberglass, allowing for a total of about 100 bundles of fiberglass to be placed.

  • Dimension:3m×0.8m×2.4m(L×W×H);
  • 5-level;
  • 5mm Steel cover;
  • Material:steel;
  • 100 rovings,5 tons in total

Additional information

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 300 × 80 × 240 cm

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