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A dual-component polyurethane injection machine designed specifically for the pultrusion process.

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The dual-component resin injection machine is primarily used for the automatic metering, proportioning, mixing, and continuous quantitative feeding of polyurethane dual-component thermosetting resins. Based on the pulling speed and the amount of glue used, it automatically proportions and mixes resin and hardener, and feeds them continuously and in real-time. The mixed glue is always kept fresh to ensure optimal flowability of the mixture and wetting of the fibers.

The dual-component resin injection machine utilizes PLC programming control and intelligent touchscreen operation, making the equipment simple and easy to learn. Two storage tanks separately store the resin and hardener; depending on the properties of the glue and process requirements, a series of pretreatments can be applied to the glue in the tanks, such as heating, cooling, and temperature control (heating in low temperatures during winter to reduce glue viscosity and improve flowability; cooling in high temperatures during summer to suppress its reactive activity), stirring (to prevent sedimentation and ensure uniform temperature), and vacuum degassing (to eliminate bubbles and vacuum preserve the raw materials). The metering system employs a servo motor to drive imported precision metering pumps, achieving accurate metering and continuous stable feeding of resin and hardener. This equipment features a wide range of glue output, accurate and stable glue discharge, an ultra-wide variable ratio, easy adjustment, and stable injection pressure. It is suitable for production lines with dual components and varying proportioning requirements.

2.Mixer ration:1:1.5-1.5-1;
3.Viscosity:50-3000CPS 25℃;
4.Mixer solution:static Mixer;
5.Power pressure:less than 0.5Mpa;
6.Pipe heater: 0.45kW x 2 sets;
7.Resin tank heater:2.6kW x 2 sets;
8.Motor Power:0.15kW x 2 sets;
9.Total Power:6.4kW;
10.Resin tank:85kg/Barrel;Material:SS304;
11.Level switch:Equipped;

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