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Pultruded Panels

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Pultruded sheets can be used in multiple industries, including:

  • Construction: Used for structural support, roofing, and wall panels, as well as components in corrosive environments.
  • Infrastructure: Bridge components, highway noise barriers, guardrails, and other structural components requiring corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Utilities: Used for electric poles, crossarms, and line markers, as well as non-conductive elevator tracks and wires.
  • Telecommunications: Used for antenna housings and supporting fiber optic cables due to their electromagnetic transparency.
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Item W T Weight
mm mm kg/m
Flat Panel  

Flat Panel

80 8 1.23
88 5 0.85
136 6.35 1.66
200 3 1.16
200 9.5 3.65
500 6 5.76
926 3 5.34
Gusset Plate Gusset Plate 783 3 5.00

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