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  • pultrusion machinery controller
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  • pultrusion machinery controller
  • pultrusion machinery clampers
  • pultrusion machinery die plate


Pultrusion machinery is used in the manufacturing process to produce reinforced plastic profiles. It works by pulling resin-impregnated fiberglass through a heated die, where it hardens into a desired shape. The result is strong and lightweight components for industrial applications such as window frames, bridge supports and electrical poles. Pultrusion machines are often used when higher levels of precision are needed than can be achieved with traditional extrusion processes.

  • High-cost effect, especially for the bigger profile
  • High power output

We know how diverse the requirements of our customers and the products they produce are. At Incomepultrusion, we see ourselves as a total solution provider. We support our customers in their challenges. Our pultrusion machines stand for efficiency, quality and reliability.
Our product portfolio ranges from 3 Ton to 100 Ton clamping force. It includes hydraulic and caterpillar. From quickly available stock machines to machines that can be customised to the maximum to high-precision systems with the shortest cycle times.

Parameter Of Pultrusion Machinery

        Model YLJ-6T YLJ-8T YLJ-12T YLJ-15T YLJ-20T YLJ-30T
Pulling Force(Ton) 6 8 12 15 25 30
Clamping Force(Ton) 6 8 10 15 25 30
Pulling Speed(m/min) 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5
Profile(W×H)m 0.6×0.25 0.6×0.25 0.6×0.3 0.8×0.35 1×0.4 1×0.5
Motor Power(Kw) 6 8 11 15 22 30
Heating Power(Kw) 9.6 9.6 12 18 18 18
Temp.Control Smart gange and solid state relay
Dimension(L×W)m 8.25×0.85 9×0.9 9×0.9 11×1.12 11.25×1.35 11.25×1.35
Driving Type Hydraulic
Control System Relay or PLC
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Fast Delivery

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High Performance

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Caterpillar Pultrusion Machinery is a great choice for companies looking to produce high volumes of simple parts quickly and efficiently. With its advanced design, Caterpillar machines are capable of producing parts with a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials including polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy resins, aramid fibers and carbon fiber reinforcements.



Servo pultrusion machinery has a high-precision control system and an advanced hydraulic system, which makes it able to produce products with great accuracy. The servo motor controls the speed of the machine in order to ensure that the production process can be accurately carried out. It is designed with safety measures in place so that operators don’t get injured or put into dangerous situations during their workday. Furthermore, these machines are energy efficient which will help save costs on energy bills over time by using less electricity throughout the production cycle.



It is an important process for the production of FRP pultrudsion process.The cutter includes a blade, which is used to cut the profile at any length. It is convenient to operate and cost effective compared with traditional hand cut. Besides that, it has reduce dust pollution during operation, which makes it environmental friendly in this aspect as well.

After Curing Box
After Curing Box

The curing box helps to ensure that the epoxy resin is cured properly and evenly. The curing box has a temperature control system, which keeps the profile at a consistent temperature during the curing process. This ensures that no contamination occurs during processing and that final products maintain their desired strength, integrity, and quality standards.

Creel Rack

Creel Rack is a important in the pultrusion process,It could provide the centrialized tension for the pultruded profile.It’s easy to see the situation of the each roving.

What is a pultrusion machine?

Pultrusion machines are specifically designed to produce fiberglass and resin composite products. The process starts with the mold, which consists of several interconnected rods of different shapes and sizes. These molds are then loaded into the machine where it is heated and pressure is applied to shape the molten material. After cooling, the rods are removed from the mold and ready for use in a variety of applications. Pultrusion machinery is ideal for producing high-strength, lightweight materials that can be used in construction, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

What is pultrusion used for?

Pultrusion is used to produce parts that are strong, lightweight and dimensionally accurate. It is cost effective, efficient and precise in creating products with long-lasting strength and durability. Typical applications include guardrails, ladders, columns, window frames, decks, electrical poles and more. With pultrusion, you can quickly and economically manufacture parts in volumes from a few pieces to thousands.

How does pultrusion process work?

The pultrusion process begins with the mixing of fiberglass and resin. This mixture is then pulled through a heated die where it takes on the shape of the mold. After that, it is cooled down and cut to size for further use in production. The process is quick and efficient, allowing for a high output of product with minimal effort.

Who is the manufacturer of pultrusion machine?

We are the leading manufacturer of pultrusion machinery. Our team has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality pultrusion machines. At Pultrusion Machinery, we strive to provide our customers with the best products available at competitive prices. This is why we use only the finest materials and components in our machines, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.

Advantages of Pultruded Materials

Pultruded composites bring a suite of advantages to the table, making them appealing for various uses:

  • Strength and Lightweight Features: Their exceptional strength, coupled with a lightweight profile, simplifies handling, storage, and transportation.
  • Versatility in Production: Capable of being manufactured in diverse sizes, colors, and forms, as long as the cross-section remains constant, pultruded materials offer flexibility in design.
  • Economic Efficiency: Offering a cost-efficient solution across numerous applications, they stand as a budget-friendly alternative to conventional materials.
  • Superior Performance Characteristics: With their composition of high-performance fibers within a polymer matrix, these composites boast outstanding qualities such as robustness, low weight, high rigidity, resistance to corrosion and wear, minimal thermal and acoustic transmission, along with excellent electromagnetic signal transmission.
  • Low Maintenance and Resistance to Corrosion: Requiring minimal upkeep and demonstrating significant resistance to corrosion, pultruded materials present a durable and low-maintenance option.

Details Of The Pultrusion Machinery

  • hydraulic system
    Hydraulic System
  • heater quick plug
  • plc electrical cabinet
    Electrical Part
  • control panel
    Swing Arm

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