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roll mat slitter
Roll Mat Slitter
  • roll mat slitter
  • roll mat slitter

Roll Mat Slitter

Roll slitting, often simply referred to as slitting, is a shearing operation that divides a large roll of material into narrower rolls. This process is integral in industries that require precise widths of materials for various applications, such as packaging, textiles, and more.
The Slitter Machine: The machine used for rewind slitting is often called a slitter rewinder, slitter, or simply a slitting machine. These machines can be highly automated to control material tension, position the slitting knives automatically, align the cores for rewinding, and reduce manual handling of the rolls.
Slitting Techniques: Crush Cut Slitting: A male knife runs against an anvil, suitable for certain materials like non-wovens and foams.
End of the Process: Once the material has been slit to the desired width, it’s rewound onto cores, ready for its next application. The precision of the slitting process ensures that industries get materials tailored to their specific needs, ensuring quality and consistency in their end products.
Roll slitting plays a pivotal role in the pultruion field.

Dimension (L×W×H) 2500×1000×1500
Velocity 1400/950/710 r/min
Mat length Max.1800mm
Mat Diameter Max.600mm
Mandrel Φ70mm and Φ100mm
Weight 0.6Tons
Driving type Chain
Motor Power 0.85/1/1.5kW
What is a Roll Mat Slitter and what is its role in pultrusion?

A Roll Mat Slitter is a specialized machine used in the pultrusion process to cut rolls of fiberglass mat or other reinforcing materials into specific widths. This is essential for creating the correct size of reinforcement for various pultruded profiles.

How do I set up the Roll Mat Slitter for different mat widths?

The setup typically involves adjusting the slitting blades to the desired width. This may vary depending on the model of the slitter. It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions.

Can the Roll Mat Slitter handle different types of materials?

Yes, most Roll Mat Slitters are designed to handle a variety of materials, including different types of fiberglass mats and other reinforcing fabrics. However, it’s important to check the specifications of your particular machine.

What is the maximum width of material the Roll Mat Slitter can handle?

This depends on the model of your slitter. Check the machine’s specifications or contact the manufacturer for this information.

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